Abandoned Supercars in Dubai

Supercars, Sports Cars & Luxury Abandoned Cars In Dubai
Believe it or not there are lots of abandoned cars in Dubai. Most of us will never own that many supercars, sports cars or luxury cars in our lifetime. Let
Abandoned Ferrari Enzo... Still Abandoned In Dubai
Way back in 2011, we caught wind of the sad state of one of the world's greatest supercars. A Ferrari [NYSE:RACE] Enzo was snapped sitting in a police impound lot in ...
Here's The Real Reason There Are Abandoned Luxury Cars ...
Abandoned luxury cars left at airports across the United Arab Emirates may not entirely be the fault of expats escaping tough debt laws. Recent reports ...
Thousands Of Luxury Cars Are Abandoned In Dubai Every Year
What People Are Doing With Their High-End Cars In Dubai Seems Completely Insane
Limited edition £1million Ferrari abandoned by British ...
The exclusive Enzo, one of only 399 in the world, was impounded by officers last year after it was abandoned in a car park and covered in dust in Dubai.
So in Dubai, the number of Abandoned Luxury Cars lying ...
Some cities have a litter problem, some suffer from high crime rates and others might have a lack of affordable housing. And then you have Dubai, which for the last ...
Dubai police flaunt Lamborghini patrol car - YouTube
Dubai police introduced the sleek Lamborghini Aventador to its fleet in April a bid to restore the Gulf emirate's trademark image of luxury and prosperity.
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Dubai Police Supercars in Action - Brabus B63S, Aventador ...
The Dubai Police supercars depart their resting grounds on display inside the trade centre following the Dubai Motorshow, and it wouldn't be right for them ...
Dubai and Abandoned Cars - Wonderful Engineering
Dubai’s Super-Rich Turned Poor Who Cannot Afford to Maintain Their Supercars have Abandoned These Beauties