Abandoned Supercars in Dubai

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Over the last year a crowd of abandoned supercars has stareted populating the parking lot of Dubai Airport. More than 3000 luxury vehicles have been abandoned last ...
Abandoned And Forgotten Supercars In Dubai (27 photos)
I wish i could go there and take some of these cars without getting in trouble.
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The Abandoned Supercars of Dubai! Please visit - https://www.GarageLegacy.com https://instagram.com/GarageLegacy & https://twitter.com/GarageLegacy Just ...
Abandoned Cars | Abandoned Supercars Rotting in The Desert
Dubai, and countries in the same region, have undergone a serious boom followed by a fast bust, and there are supercars lying abandoned all over the place
So in Dubai, the number of Abandoned Luxury Cars lying ...
If you’ve ever been to Dubai or anywhere in the United Arab Emirates, you will have noticed they have a serious car culture out there, with a particular preference ...
Abandoned Ferrari Enzo... Still Abandoned In Dubai
Way back in 2011, we caught wind of the sad state of one of the world's greatest supercars. A Ferrari [NYSE:RACE] Enzo was snapped sitting in a police impound lot in ...
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Want to watch this again later? Sign in to add this video to a playlist. Abandoned luxury cars left at airports across the United Arab Emirates may not ...
Dubai’s abandoned supercars: Expensive cars discarded at ...
IT’S not your usual city problem. Forget unemployment, crime and housing issues, Dubai is suffering from a case of abandoned expensive cars. In the last five years ...
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However, there is a certain problem that Dubai is facing. Have you been able to identify it or were you too busy with the glamor and beauty that the city has to offer?
Here's The Real Reason There Are Abandoned Luxury Cars ...
Brutal debt laws. ... Abandoned luxury cars left at airports across the United Arab Emirates may not entirely be the fault of expats escaping tough debt laws.